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Ah, livejournal... How I have neglected you for the past while. I suppose it doesn't help that I've been essentially eaten by school the past week or so... Well, anyway, I suppose I should give an update as to what I've been up to.

First off: School. So much school. Epic amounts of school. Had to suffer through the Essay From Hell, consisting of a three-paragraph prompt, each paragraph of which could be a six-page essay in itself, six-pages long, and for a 2000 level class. Most people I showed the prompt to agreed that it looked as though it could be for a 4000 level class or something for a final. That kind of ate my life for awhile to the point where I was unable to study for my Japanese exam I had recently. Luckily, I'm starting to catch up on stuff.

I'm also working on an application for Study Abroad. I would have been a lot further than I am, but the printer in the dorm broke and despite asking for an e-mail for someone to tell me when it would be fixed, I never got it and had to wait until today to continue. Luckily, now all I have left to do is to get an appointment with my academic adviser and to do the Financial form and I should be done. I was going to do the scholarship stuff, but I don't think I have the time to anymore.

Aaaaaand... signed up for classes today. Unfortunately, the last one I wanted to sign up for, Religions of China and Japan, I couldn't sign up for because the last positions are reserved and I don't have the code to get in. Need to talk to the Rel Studies adviser to see if I can get some help with that. Maybe if I'm lucky I can have him transfer me over when I do it. I kind of freaked out at first, but I think I'm good now.

I've also started hanging out with the people I sit close to in Japanese class! We hung out in front of Starbucks for a few hours and it was awesome. I'm hoping that this can be a regular thing and I hope that I can get over my whole getting tired out with person-to-person interaction thing a little better. I'm nowhere near used to this kind of thing. Sigh. But I will get better, because this seriously fills me with a ton of happiness.

That's pretty much everything school-wise.

RP-wise, I've been on hiatus. XD I'm going to be coming back soon, hopefully.

Man, it is snowing a lot. It's like the sky has a bad case of dandruff. I ended up stopping after Japanese class because I was getting soaked. I think the melted snow even soaked through the hat I was wearing.

I've been drawing a lot in the past month or so, too. I'll just link to the pages on here, since some of the images are a little big and there are quite a few. XD

So here's one, two, three, and four. I'm working on another one, but it's been taking me awhile due to school. XD

Hmmm... Also thinking of going ahead and replaying FFXII. Not sure if I'll finish before Spring Break starts, but I'll give it a shot.

Edit: Whoops. Fixed the links at the bottom there.

List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

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Man, how long has it been since I've posted anything on here, huh? Awhile at least. I'd say nothing really too interesting has happened, but that's only a half-truth. My friend is living with us now. We decided to change Dad's office into her room and have Dad's new office be downstairs, which works pretty well since he's been meaning to do something with the downstairs anyway.

Unfortunately still have to be with roommate for a couple weeks after college starts since they don't take room changes over the break (FRUSTRATION), but I suppose I can handle that. Also planning on getting a job on campus or something when I get back, especially since I reactivated my FFXI account. lol, reactivating the account was supposed to be a motivation thing for the job, really.

I've tried to draw a little more lately. Still need to do more, but I'm trying. Maybe once school starts I'll set off a day to do at least one sketch/work on an art thing a week.

I also seem to be collecting music quite quickly lately. Maybe once I finally finish going through the rar files I have I'll do another "favorites" thing to share. Been awhile since I've done one of those posts on here.

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So I was doing the PersonalDNA test and decided to do some for different characters I play in RPs.

And then I did Vanitas.

Here are the results:

Confidence: 90
Openness: 94
Extroversion: 74
Empathy: 0
Trust in Others: 22
Agency: 62
Masculinity: 100
Femininity: 0
Spontaneity: 50
Attention to Style: 32
Authoritarianism: 72
Earthy: 100
Aesthetic/Functional: 2 (on the functional side.

Now the interesting part. Both times someone else did Ven, Ven got Femininity in the 90s.

I also did this test with Auron. VANITAS IS MORE MASCULINE THAN AURON.

Our conclusion is that the dark portals? They're not corridors of darkness. They're Vanitas "I AM A MAN" punching holes into the universe.

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So... I was definitely going to go to class today. I was feeling awake and productive and ready and rearin' to go.

Until lunch. The walk there is only, what, five minutes? I went there, had lunch, came back, and realized that I felt completely exhausted. Enough that when I decided I would lay down for a little bit to see if that would go away so I could go to class that I ended up sleeping a good third of the way through it. And... I pretty much fell asleep almost instantly.


Gonna try going to bed earlier tonight. Maybe not even having any medicine tonight/tomorrow. I CAN'T miss tomorrow's classes. *sob*

I think I'll make myself some coffee to make sure I don't fall asleep again.

Still need to do some homework tonight. Argh.

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Well, I've picked up some sort of cold or flu or something or other. Going through tissues like I usually go through candy. .-. I think I'm going to take Monday off, if only so I can recover better. I'll use that time to get my studying and reading done... and do a bookstore run for various medicines.

Don't really plan on staying in the dorm too much longer than Monday, though. I figure if I can get some good resting and juice drinking in for a good two days including this one, I should be good and hopefully not infectious. Monday's the day I get up early, so taking that time to rest plus Tuesday's get-up-lateness should be good for me.

And now, RP news. Feel free to do the skippy dance away.

Paixao's AC is almost done and... I'm probably going to drop two characters at Paixao. Most people probably saw Zetta's drop coming, but I think I'm going to have to add Braska to the list, too. .-. As much as I love the character, my interest in him has started to wane a bit. I was hoping for the Spira thread to kick a little more interest back in him, but it's been awhile to put up and I'm realizing just how little activity I have for him lately.

And then there's the whole playercest thing, which seems to be happening more and more. Something tells me that if I don't pick now I'm going to have to some time in the future, orz. .-.

In DF, I think I'm going to try and do a post for Flonne's b-day party on Monday. Partially so I can finish off Paixao's AC and partially because... Hayley kind of feels a bit halfway to death right now.

And I'm starting to get a bit rambly so I'm going to stop before I stop making sense. XD

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Hayley's life has been very boring.

...yeah. XD It's pretty much been school, school, school. I've been going to the Horror Club meetings a friend of mine has been trying to put together for the sake of going out, but man do I feel like the oddball there. XD Most of the horror stuff I tend to watch is the bad Syfy Originals anymore. It is interesting, however.

Also might have a way out of the dorm situation. I just need to make sure to talk to everyone/figure out everyone I need to talk to. Basically, I live with the friend who's trying to put together Horror Club, her roommate lives with roomie's friend's roommate, and roomie's friend lives with roomie. Don't know exactly what room is going where or anything like that, but I guess that's something to think about. I'm... not really used to doing this kind of work. .-.

Oh. It also turns out that my Japanese and Major World Religions finals are on the same day. Right after one another. On the first day of finals. It's a bit annoying and stressful to even think about that, but at least that gets them out of the way and leaves me six days to study for the Russian History final.

As for classes next semester, it looks like I'm only going to be having three of them again. Japanese II, Religious Perspectives on War and Peace, and Geology 1000. The latter has a lab that lasts two hours, which drives me up the friggen wall because it's the reason why I couldn't take more than three classes. >| It interfered with all my other chances. I guess that means I'll be having another fairly free semester though so I guess that's good.

Let's see... Oh. I've also been drawing quite a bit since I last posted on here. I.. kinda want to put it up somewhere, but I've heard a lot about the genderfail on Deviantart, so I'm kind of hesitant to use it anymore. And the alternative site to use looked interesting, but I think it was mostly for professionals/people who are going to be professionals and I sure as hell ain't that. XDD If I can't find anything else, I suppose I'll just continue using DA, but in the meantime, I suppose I'll just post stuff here? Er... Probably just a couple of completed color stuff for now.

lol, people on Plurk have already seen these.

aaaaaaaartCollapse )

I should probably actually try drawing the few characters I have. Although I wonder if they need reworking. Hn. I should also try and do some more icons. I haven't done any in awhile.

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What the... Hayley's actually doing two journal entries two days in a row?! GASP

Anyway, I think I did at least okayish on the Japanese exam. I give my deepest thanks to the game masters in TWEWY for helping me learn the cardinal directions. But... we'll see how I did later. Right now I need to focus on tomorrow's test.

I think I might do okay on that one. I know most of the terms on the study guide, at least. And we were actually given a study guide, so there's that. XD Also need to start learning the Chapter 5 Vocab for Japanese and study for the Russian History midterm...

These two weeks, what are you. And yet it doesn't feel like I have too much on my plate. Is that because I only have three classes? fffff Guess that means I'll have to see what next semester's going to be like, huh?

Halloween's so close. I'm so excited. *___*

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Lol, so I finally decided to make an icon post after months and months of letting icons pile up. One of these days I'll actually color in my FF icons so I could post them. The D3 ones are just so easy to shade. .-. Still have more D3 icons to shade, though, too. XDD

Let's see... Also have a couple of mid-terms this week. One of them tomorrow. The other one on the next day. *sigh* I'll probably get some sushi (why is it so good oh my god) for lunch after the other midterm, since I will be done and need to treat myself.

And study more for another vocab quiz. orz

Ah well. At least I grabbed some snacks for awhile and will be going home this weekend. Here's hoping Mom's already gotten the Halloween candy. I could have peanut butter pumpkins! *__*

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Sooooo yeah. Went ahead and changed up my icons and layout. 8D I've still got room left for a couple of icons, though. Ah well, holiday spaces. :|b Or something like that, anyway.

You guys have probably already encountered the major squee from Jen's journal entry, but...


Akutare what are you doing with the main cast there. You are from Disgaea 2. It doesn't even fit.


I am so excited you don't even know.

Or you probably do.

...Fuck yeah.


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