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Phantasms of the Mind

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Eh... I'd make this pretty, but it already took me forever to actually put a profile on here, so I should probably just stick with the basics. XD


Just your average college student working her way toward a degree in religious studies. I absolutely LOOOOVE video games and basically grew up on 'em. XD Favorites are currently most things Nippon Ichi, Final Fantasy (FFX is so much love omg), and Kingdom Hearts. Nnnnneed to try and play some more other games, though. At least you're here now, PS2 ♥

Uh... While I try to talk about life more in my journal, sadly I tend to get wrapped up in memes a little too much, so there are tons and tons of those on here. XD Just as a heads up.


Musebox: mindphantasms


Auron - kotetsu_blade (Final Fantasy X)
Mao - madsciencemaou (Disgaea 3)
Marluxia - 11deadlypetals (Kingdom Hearts)
Vyers - mysterious_moi (Disgaea)
Zelos Wilder - chosencasanova (Tales of Symphonia)


Icons - makai_whisper
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